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Kathryn Jensen is the venue’s August artist and she is showing a vibrant selection of her watercolors, bringing to paper her eye for beauty in the ordinary by way of industrial buildings in Berkshire County and its surrounding areas.Continuing north brought us to the always delightful cluster of exhibits in Crawford Square, 137 North Street.The original work is radiantly painted using gauche and metallic paints on 8”x8” watercolor paper.Fine art giclees, in an assortment of sizes, have lovingly been made available by the artist.The day before, I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with artist Analesa Rose Berg to help hang her show at Unusual Wedding Rings and More.Berg’s “The Alphabet of Vibration”® is quite an impressive project, bringing the 22 core letters of the Hebrew alphabet, plus her vision of the “missing 23rd” letter, to paper in mandala form.

The special occasion was for Susan Geller’s photography exhibit, “Children.” Geller, a career guidance counselor and social worker, brought to the walls her photographic specialty with an adorable selection of her best subjects. One of her favorite scenic locations is along the Green River Road in Williamstown.

The list includes Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Adelaide Tyrol, Aileen Bassis, Alison Poor-Donahue, Ambreen Butt, Anne Francey, Abdel Aziz Haounati, Ulafa’a (Bahraini Artist Group), Basil El Halwagy, Daisy Rockwell, George Awde, Inzajeano Latif, Jenna Lynch, Julia Morgan Leamon, Louise Markus, Malik Sajad, Mia Hebib, Phil Webster, Raheleh Saneie, Robert Markey, Samina Quraeshi, Sausan Saulat, Valerie Hird, Zainab Andalibe, and Yelimane Fall. This multi-dimensional show is delivered in a broad range of mediums and accompanying special events.

Bold, bright, thought provoking, and engaging in explorative ways, the show is at once exotic and otherworldly as it is grounded in commonalities, a welcome by-product of the social media-age.

Hints of sun-sparkled water and teaming underwater life infuse this intricate, multi-layered work.

In addition to the work in Brenda’s, Nesis is also displaying fine examples from his archives in neighboring Depot Street venue Baba Louie’s. Further up Pittsfield’s main thoroughfare, we came to Steven Valenti’s iconic men’s clothing store and the work of oil painter Marion Grant.

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